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Emergency Care

When you need help with your child’s dental care, it can be difficult to know where to turn. You want someone who will provide excellent service and attention for children in their time of greatest vulnerability. Dentistry for Children of Maryland in Potomac, MD is the place for you and your child!

We are here not only during emergencies but also after regular checkups or anytime our patients come into the office having dental issues. We give them personalized treatment plans based on age appropriate guidelines.

What Not To Do In An Emergency

There are a few things you should keep in mind and not do whenever you come across an emergency situation.

  • Do not panic as your child is already terrified.
  • Do not scold your child for being careless, instead take care of the wound.
  • Do not leave the wound bleeding or unattended. 
  • If you do not know what to do, contact us and rush your child to our emergency care unit so we can take care of the things

Emergency Care Services

At Dentistry for Children of Maryland in Potomac, MD we are providing you the emergency care for multiple dental emergencies: 

  • Tooth fracture – When kids play sports or are running around, it is pretty common to fall and have tooth fracture. If this is not the case, they sometimes bite onto something hard, resulting in a possible chipped tooth. Luckily we take care of these issues before it gets worse. We are offering treatments like fillings, crowns and more to restore the tooth right in time. We do not let your child’s smile fade out. 
  • Lip, cheek or tongue biting – For kids it is not new to have a lip bit, tongue or cheek injury. There can be any incident that leads them to have a rough wound and bleeding. We do recommend you to put pressure on the area, using an ice packet would be best. Make sure to bring your child to us as early as possible. We are here to provide you the best of services and care for your child!
  • Toothaches – If your child woke up at night complaining of a toothache, we are the place to contact. The ache can be the result of multiple reasons from decay to cavity, sensitivity, fracture and more. At Dentistry for Children of Maryland in Potomac, MD, we ensure to provide your child quick and efficient treatment for the ache. 

We Are Here For You!

Do not panic whenever you or your child is experiencing a dental emergency. Reach out to us at Dentistry for Children of Maryland in Potomac, MD today!

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