Gentle Root Canals

Knowing that your child needs a root canal can make you worried. Definitely, a root canal for a child can be intimidating, but, sometimes, it is the only way to save the tooth from extraction. In such conditions, we at Dentistry for Children of Maryland in Potomac in Potomac, MD are ready with our best professionals. 

We have designed all the dental care and treatment services for the kids as per their requirement. So, we are providing the gentle root canal to our little smiling angels in saving their smiles. 

Does Your Child Need A Gentle Root Canal?

Root canal is not a regular and obvious treatment option for kids. It is one of the rarest and final stage options that we acquire. The following are the situations when we prefer to go for the gentle root canal: 

  • Tooth fracture or chipped tooth 
  • Extreme tooth decay 
  • Worn out prior filling from the tooth 
  • Extreme infection that requires deep cleaning 
  • Severity of sensitivity to hot and cold temperature 
  • Hurtful biting, even on soft foods 

The Gentle Root Canal Process

Root canal treatment for kids is a safe and effective procedure that helps to solve the dental problem at hand. The process starts by diagnosing what’s wrong before moving onto inspections, x-rays or other essential scans. After taking the basic diagnosis, we move towards further scans in order to better understand how we’ll tackle your child’s case.

After we diagnose your child’s teeth, a pulpotomy is done to see if there are any cavities or infections in their pulp. If it turns out that they do have an infected area then we’ll take care of removing the bad cells from around this part. So you don’t need to worry about pain anymore.

Our experts ensure sterilization using stainless steel crowns which will make sure this doesn’t happen again. We make things easier by providing followup appointments!

Is The Procedure Pain-Free?

The procedure is not completely painless. We use safe sedation before starting with the root canal which will help your child relax during the entire appointment.

After the procedure, there can be numbness for some time. We recommend not to eat anything unless the numbness is completely gone. 

If you have any questions or would like more information about gentle root canals, feel free to book an appointment today to talk to our team of professionals! We look forward to presenting you with all the best options for your child’s smile!

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