Safe Dental Sedation

Making a dental treatment painless for the child is essential. To proceed with the ultimate procedure, it is essential to use safe dental sedation. We at Dentistry for Children of Maryland in Potomac, MD use the best and most appropriate sedation practice for kids. 

During any dental procedure, for a dentist, it is essential to ensure the kid cannot feel any pain and give a good view to the dental issue they are addressing. In this regard, we prefer to use nitrous oxide as a sedation option for kids. 

Why Nitrous Oxide?

Nitrous oxide is also known as laughing gas and is commonly used in dental practice. In pediatric dentistry, the gas is used to sedate kids for the procedures. Using a small quantity of colorless and odorless gas, it is possible to sedate a kid. 

The gas has an impact on the oral cavity and lungs at the same time. It causes muscular congestion that eventually makes the person laugh. Due to continuous laughing, the kid is unable to feel anything for quite some time, which helps our pediatric dentist to conduct the treatment or examination. 

Why We Love Nitrous Oxide

Dentistry for Children of Maryland in Potomac, MD support the use of gas for the child sedation due to the following reasons: 

  • The gas is odorless and colorless so the kids do not feel or taste it, and they are unable to identify the gas as well. 
  • It does not have any reaction or side effects on the kids. 
  • The mild reactions of nausea and numbness are controllable. 
  • It is possible to control the quantity of gas during the treatment. 
  • The gas works faster and efficiently to prepare the patient for the treatment. 
  • Even with the smaller quantity it is possible to get the desired impact on patients. 
  • Right after the treatment, the patient can recover from the sedation quickly. 

Post-Sedation Tips For Your Child

When your child receives dental sedation for a treatment, then there are some instructions to follow afterwards. 

  • Let your kid rest for some time to recover from the sedation and treatment as well. 
  • It is better to let your kid breath in the fresh air for some time to get the nitrous oxide out of their system. 
  • Do not let the child eat anything until the numbness is completely gone, as they can risk biting the lip or cheek. 
  • Just in case your kid is not feeling well after sedation, it is better to reach us immediately. 

Sedation At Its Best!

Dentistry for Children of Maryland in Potomac, MD offers you safe sedation at its best. We know the practices to use nitrous oxide with all of its precautions. The kids feel at ease with the sedation and usually do not have any adverse reactions. 

Make an appointment now to receive the safe dental sedation experience for your kid by trained professionals by contacting our office!

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